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Roof Inspection

Regular inspection of your roof allows you to spot issues early and fix them before they become a real problem. Drone Surveying is the easiest, cheapest and safest way to inspect the roof of your property, be it a simple house or a large commercial property.

At NorrScot Productions, we have an eye for detail and problem-solving expertise that will help you save time and money.

Step 1: Planning

We will spend time with you to understand how best we can help address your needs. We will create a specific risk assessment for the job to ensure we carry the work in the safest possible way. We will then contact you 24h prior to the agreed day to confirm if the weather conditions are suitable to go ahead.

Step 2: Execution

On arrival to the site, we will carry an On-Site Assessment for potential hazards, find mitigations and get the Drone in the air.

Step 3: Results

We will email you a full report of the operation, including detailed photos and videos of the property, with highlighted potential issues.

Our Services

Did a roof survey of my mom's house with a small drone, very good service, quick and professional. Thanks!

Sylvie Baggio

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